10 things all retail workers can relate to

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  1. Not wanting to be nice to customers, but you have to.
  2. Do you have that duvet set in King size ? -No everything we have is out. Can you check the store room – No we don’t have one, that is why I said everything is already out.
  3. This sign says everything half price, no it says selected items half price. Well that is a bit misleading to us customers…
  5. When a customer brings  a lot of items to the till, you scan it all in and tell them its €100, oh no I don’t have that much with me.
  6. Is this item going on sale soon ? How the heck am I supposed to know ?
  7. When its 10 minutes to closing and a whole family walks into the shop… but don’t buy anything.
  8. If I didn’t have my co-workers I would be insane by now. (Although some of them are mad)
  9. Will you ring another store to see if they have this in my size? NO!
  10. I do not get paid enough for any of this.tumblr_npnptuEy1M1sppsd9o1_500


“Are you on your school break ?”

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I found this slightly embarrassing but funny too. A man was buying a few things from the shop a few weeks back and looked at me. “Are you on a break from school?” he asked me. I looked at him and laughed and said no I’m in college and this is my part-time job. “Oh I thought you were on work experience you look very young”. I told him that I was 22 and not in school. “Oh I would have guessed you were 16”.

I get that a lot, people say it’s a compliment..


You are not better than us


Recently in work we have been getting a lot of people who like to think they are above us. They come across as arrogant and snotty. Walking around with their little boutique bags whilst ordering us to get them items.

Its starting to irritate me, so what if it’s a discount store, that doesn’t mean that customer can treat us like crap.

Most of the time the customers are lovely to us, but there are still the few that like to press our buttons.

I get it, fair enough we know where the stuff is and its quicker for them to ask us, but ask nicely.

– J


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Last weekend we had really bad weather and I was working. The shop started to flood really badly downstairs so myself and the rest of the staff started to panic and tried to get people out of the shop as fast as we could.

The security was currently watching the young woman who was known for robbing items from different shops. He got sidetracked and ended up helping assist people out of the shop, I turned the corner and there was the woman on a display table trying to get a bag off of the wall so she could clearly walk out the door with it.  She saw me and said “Sorry love could you get that off the wall for me” so I stood up and attempted to get it and failed. I told her I would go and get the ladder but not realising the water was getting worse beside us, I said ” Sorry I actually cant because the shop is starting to flood and you will have to leave” she replied with , ” F*ck off you ignorant c*nt” , I asked her what she said , and she called me another rude word. I said “can you not see around you, the shop is actually flooding” she then said to me “how is that my fault you b*st**d”

I actually had to walk away from her and ask security to remove her from the shop. I don’t work to listen to people speak to me that way. At least I don’t have to rob things to make myself happy.

Embarrassed Customers

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Our shop isn’t the most posh or most expensive in town. It’s basically a discount store but we do sell some really nice stuff.

Some of our customers will go to great lengths to hide that they bought something in our shop. I was once asked to wrap brown paper over a 6 ft mirror because the person didn’t want the large bag (with the name of our shop on it), I spent about 10 minutes doing this as the brown paper is pretty small.

Other times middle-aged women with their posh bags from a boutique will say: “No love, I don’t want any bag”. And proceed to squash their items into the boutique bag. That annoys the hell out of me. It says to me ‘Oh I’m too good to shop in this store’, then don’t come in here if your embarrassed.

Also sorry for the lack of posts, we are both in the middle of studying for exams.

– J

Fitting room fun

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We have a fitting room right beside the pay point in our shop. As you know by now we get the weirdest people to go shopping in there and one day I was serving this man who smelt so bad and even looked dirty. He bought clothes from me and went to the fitting room to put them on and he demanded we gave him a chair and he took about 20 minutes, he came out and attempted to hand me a bag with his old dirty clothes in it. I told him that I cannot take this from him (its disgusting) so he left the shop and I went to open the fitting room curtain and noticed that he had went to toilet everywhere…

Happy days

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I love the days:

  • when I go to work and I know where everything is and can help customers with what they are looking for.
  • when the customers thank you and tell you that your very helpful.
  • when customers are nice people.
  • when the day flies by.
  • when everything is priced correctly(not many of these days).

What makes your day a happy day ?


Can you get me the manager ?

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This weekend was fairly quiet until this woman came up to the customer service register looking for a refund. Our policy is 28 day money back but you must have your receipt. If you don’t have a receipt you can only do an exchange.

Anyway, she wanted to return a nurses tunic as it did not fit her. So we asked for her receipt and she said she couldn’t find it. When this happens we have to get managers approval to allow them an exchange. We told her that she couldn’t get her money back. She demanded: “Actually, do you know what, is there a manager here? would you get her for me instead?”.

We got the manager and she said no refund without the receipt. “But that’s not my fault, its your shop assistants fault. I asked for a size 22 but she/he gave me an extra large.” (Extra large is a 22 in Ireland) She continued shouting: “I know my rights and that doesn’t fit so its your fault, I want my money back”.

This went on for about 20 minutes, she was not backing down. Eventually she found her receipt and got her money back. She stormed off down the stairs.

What I’d love to have said to her was that she clearly got fatter since she last bought clothes and that’s not our fault.